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Your Coral Gables Dentist Offers Revolutionary KöR Teeth Whitening

December 8, 2015

teeth whiteningTeeth whitening has fast become one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services. Foods and drinks consumed on a daily basis, common medications, and aging all causes tooth discoloration. It’s hard to avoid, and for years, it’s been just as difficult to correct.  Over the counter whitening strips, gels, pastes, and rinses offer amazing results, but deliver little if any change. Professional in-office and at-home whitening products have proven effective in most cases, but they can cause sensitivity and don’t always work for deep-set stains like those caused by tetracycline. At Bushdid Smiles in Coral Gables, we have a solution to all your whitening problems: KöR Whitening and KöR Deep Bleaching.

How KöR Whitening & Deep Bleaching Work

KöR is an innovative line of teeth whitening products that offers two methods to get the whitest, brightest results. KöR Whitening is an at-home whitening system. Using custom application trays, patients use KöR whitening gel with a 16% carbamide peroxide solution, and that combined with the cold delivery and storage process allows the gel to remain active for 6 or more hours during treatment. Patients wear their whitening trays over night for two weeks, and also use an at-home desensitizer to protect their teeth. Patients who have more difficult to remove stains such as those caused by tetracycline medications may want to consider the KöR Deep Bleaching system. This treatment combines a preparatory cleaning and desensitizing in our office with two weeks of at-home whitening followed by an in-office whitening session. Even extremely difficult to remove stains are easily lifted using the KöR Deep Bleaching system.

How is KöR Whitening Different?

  • Freshness – Research revealed that whitening gels remained more potent for a longer time if they were kept cold. KöR whitening gel is refrigerated from day one offering patients the most effective product every time.
  • Sensitivity protection – Freshness also means there are no extra chemicals added to make the gel shelf-stable reducing sensitivity to these chemicals. The KöR system also includes desensitizing treatments. These desensitizers block the chemical’s access to the inner pulp layer of the tooth. The pulp contains the nerve system, and when whitening agents reach this inner layer, the result is pain or sensitivity.
  • Predictability – Because the gel is guaranteed fresh, the results are more predictable. Other whitening agents may be more or less effective depending on how long the dental office has had the product and how long the patient stores the product. As long as KöR whitening gel is refrigerated, it remains effective.

Are you a Candidate for KöR Teeth Whitening in Coral Gables?

Patients who want a brighter smile, those who have dealt with complex stains or dental discoloration for years, and those who found other over the counter and professional whitening products ineffective, benefit from the KöR Whitening and Deep Bleaching systems. Contact Bushdid Smiles of Coral Gables, FL to schedule a teeth whitening consultation today.

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