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Platelet Rich Fibrin Surgery Blog

April 26, 2016

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coral gables dentistBushdid Smiles is a Coral Gables dentist that is committed to providing patients the most comprehensive care using technologies and advancements in dentistry. Using the latest dental technologies, Dr. Bushdid is able to reach dental excellence while delivering efficient and comfortable treatment. As part of our mission to provide complete health dentistry, we proudly offer the platelet rich fibrin procedure. This state-of-the-art procedure enhances the body’s ability to regenerate, allowing you to heal quicker for improved results from various surgical procedures.

What is PRF?

Platelet rich fibrin is a form of products we make using a small quantity of your own blood that is taken before your oral surgery. Using a gelled membrane form of PRF, we promote your body’s ability to heal by triggering regeneration systems. As a result, you’ll heal faster while experiencing less complications from surgery. This produces a better outcome from surgery without having to use medicines, donor cells or chemicals.

While few have heard of this revolutionary procedure, it has actually held a common place in various medical procedures, not just those related to dentistry. In fact, many heart surgeons, dermatologists, and even cosmetic surgeons use this procedure to produce the most noticeable benefits for their patients. The safe and effective procedure is noninvasive and simply requires a small amount of your own blood.

What is the PRF Procedure?

Prior to your surgery, we will draw a small amount of your blood into test tubes, where it’s then spun in a centrifuge to separate the blood into its own individual components. We will take the small, highly concentrated layer known as the “buffing coat,” which contains the white blood cells and platelets. The buffing coat holds the secret healing powers and regeneration factors that are used to promote healing after surgery.

We will then process your blood, at which point it will be placed into the surgical site immediately. This highly effective procedure is proven to allow for better soft and hard tissue healing. This decreases the risk for infections, failed bone grafting, failed dental implants, and even reduces dry socket after an extraction. For those who have difficulty healing, such as those who are immune compromised, smokers, and diabetics, PRF increases the likeliness of a successful surgery with fewer complications.

What Surgeries Can PRF Help?

There are numerous procedures and surgeries that benefit from PRF. Among the most common oral procedures are tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth, dental implants, and bone and gum grafting. However, PRF isn’t limited to these oral surgeries.

Your Coral Gables Dentist

As a leading Coral Gables Dentist, Dr. Bushdid specializes in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. In addition, he holds training and credentials for gneuromuscular dentistry, surgical implant placement, and numerous other fields of dental specialties. He is your trusted and reputable leader for revolutionary dental procedures while delivering the utmost care. If you’re ready to benefit from the proven effective platelet rich fibrin procedure, contact Dr. Bushdid today to learn more.

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