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It’s Time for an Oral Cancer Screening in Coral Gables

June 21, 2017

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I'm smiling after an oral cancer screening in coral gables. Early detection is critical for successful cancer treatment. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about getting regularly screened for oral cancer, even though it’s the most common form of head and neck cancer today. As rates of the condition rise in the US, the need for frequent examinations if even more important. Your dentist provides a regular oral cancer screening for Coral Gables patients at Bushdid Smiles. Learn more about why you need to be screened for oral cancer and what the examination entails today.

An Overview of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is cancer of the tongue, cheeks, roof of the mouth, the lips, or the gums. Unfortunately, it often goes unnoticed for months or years before it is finally detected. As a result, current statistics related to the disease are startling — approximately one American dies from the disease each hour, every single day.

Informing yourself of the signs of oral cancer and undergoing regular screenings can help you improve outcomes after a potential diagnosis. First, oral cancer can show up as a sore that won’t go away, or as a lump in the cheek or on the tongue. Your facial symmetry may change, and the tone of voice may be affected, too. In general, if you experience any sort of abnormality or change that strikes you as a little off, it’s a good idea to consult your dentist or general doctor to see what’s going on.

People who smoke or consume large amounts of alcohol are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer — especially when the two are combined. Additionally, males are slightly more likely to contract oral cancer that females. The risk seems to go up past age 55, but adults of all ages should undergo regular screenings. People who have one or more risk factors should be especially vigilant with regular screenings. Oral cancer is becoming more common in younger patients with the spread of the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Regular Screenings Are Vital

Your Coral Gables dentist can perform an oral cancer screening at the end of your routine checkup and cleaning. It’s a visual and tactile exam during which your dentist is looking out for the irregularities that indicate precancer or cancer. If a suspicious area is located, we will talk you through your next steps to ensure you receive the attention you need as soon as possible.

Some of the things we’re looking out for during an oral cancer exam include…

  • Persistent sore spots in the soft oral tissue
  • Rough patches
  • Discolored (white or red) areas
  • Lumps in the cheeks, throat, or mouth
  • Any other irregularities

Get Screened Today!

If it has been a while since you were screened for oral cancer, or if you have never received a screening, don’t wait another day. The team at Bushdid Smiles provides much-needed examinations for our adult patients. Request an appointment for a checkup and cleaning today. Let us know you’d like an oral cancer screening when you do!

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