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Make an Investment in Your Smile with Dental Implants in Coral Gables

March 28, 2018

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Hand holding implant supported denturesThe American College of Prosthodontics estimates that more than 36 million Americans in the United States do not have any remaining natural teeth. If you find yourself among those who are living with tooth loss, you need an effective solution to regain a complete, functional smile. While you could choose a tired and true method with traditional dentures, you could instead make an investment in your oral health and quality of life with dental implants in Coral Gables. With implant supported dentures, you will gain the next best thing to natural teeth.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Traditional dentures are a common solution to treat tooth loss because they are affordable and convenient. A custom-made acrylic base holds porcelain teeth, which is then held in place using a denture adhesive. While it is effective for restoring oral functions, it does come with certain disadvantages, like slipping, sliding, and frequent maintenance.

To resolve the disadvantages of conventional dentures, many are now asking their dentist in Coral Gables for those that are implant supported. Instead of using a denture adhesive, it is held in place by surgically placing an average of four dental implant posts into the jawbone.

The body naturally fuses to the posts, allowing them to potentially remain in place forever, while giving you security and stability that are not possible with traditional options. You do not have to worry about slipping, discomfort, or irritation as they will stay firmly in place. When compared to conventional dentures, those that use dental implants offer an increased biting force of over 70%.

Not only will they look and feel natural, but they are the only tooth replacement option that can preserve the density of your jawbone. The implant posts stimulate the underlying bone to prevent shrinkage to protect your facial structures.

Invest in Your Quality of Life

While dental implants are very beneficial and often preferred, many remain hesitant about their cost. Although they do cost more upfront than traditional options, they are more cost-effective in the future. Conventional dentures initially cost an average of $1,000 to $8,000 depending on their quality, while implant supported options can cost more.

This may seem like an overwhelming expense; however, dentures end up costing more in the long run because they require adjustments, repairs, and new prosthetics made about every 5 to 10 years. Dental implants on the other hand, do not need adjustments, repairs, and they can potentially last for a lifetime.

If cost is still a concern, your dental insurance may cover certain aspects of the procedure and we offer many flexible payment options to fit your budget.

Get a Complete Smile Today!

If you are ready to invest in your future, it is time to see if you are a candidate for implant supported dentures today!

About Dr. Jose A. Bushdid

Dr. Jose A. Bushdid not only completed his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, but has furthered his education in many areas of specialty, including implant dentistry. Using the most advanced procedures, he can treat your tooth loss with an effective solution. Contact Bushdid Smiles today to schedule a consultation.


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