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Discover the History of Dental Implants in Coral Gables

September 12, 2018

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Dental implant componentsToday, dental implants in Coral Gables are among the most popular means to replace missing teeth. Due to several advancements over they years, they now provide over a 95% success rate as the most predictable and reliable solution to treat tooth loss. While they are often believed to be a recent treatment, the use of an implant to replace a lost tooth dates back to more than 4,000 years ago. Although the attempts were unsuccessful, their past use has helped to pave the way for the success we see today.

History of Dental Implants

Now, more than 500,000 dental implants are placed in the United States each year, but they are not a new treatment. In fact, more than 4,000 years ago, civilizations in ancient China began trying to replace missing teeth with carved bamboo pegs. Although they were not successful, that did not stop future civilizations from trying to improve the procedure.

An Egyptian king, 3,000 years ago, was found to have a copper peg that had been hammered into his upper jawbone. It is known that the peg was placed after he had died; however, it is the first recorded case of metal being used to fix a prosthetic tooth into the jawbone.

1,300 years later, a Celtic grave in France revealed an iron false tooth that is also believed to have been placed post-death. It is thought that it was done after the person had died to improve their smile. Replacing the tooth while they were alive would have been extremely painful and potentially fatal due to their medical capabilities at the time.

Over time, people began trying to replace human teeth with those from animals, slaves, or the impoverished. Sadly, the teeth would suffer from infection, which would lead to the eventual rejection by the host.

Throughout the years, you will find that many different types of materials had been used to try to treat tooth loss, but none were successful. It was not until 1952 when an orthopedic surgeon accidently found the benefits of titanium after placing a cylinder made from the metal into the femur of a rabbit. This opened the door to new possibilities.

After he had found that the bone accepted titanium and the two fused to one another, he began to experiment with human and animal subjects. In 1965, the first titanium dental implant post was placed in a human, leading to a pivotal moment in dental history.

Complete Your Smile

Now, the use of titanium is commonly used as a dental implant because it allows the jawbone to fuse to the post by stimulating new bone growth. This also allows the implant to stop bone loss to improve density in the jaw.

While they may have only recently gained traction as a tooth replacement option, dental implants have held a valuable place in history when treating tooth loss.

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