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Do I Need TMJ Therapy in Coconut Grove?

October 3, 2018

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woman with jaw painDo you suffer from jaw pain? Does it often feel stiff and sore? You could have a temporomandibular joint disorder. When the joint that connects your jaw to your skull on either side of your face functions incorrectly, it can significantly impact your quality of life. It can be difficult to chew, speak, or even yawn. Although you may feel like you are alone, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research estimates as much as 12% of the population also lives with the condition. To get relief, you can benefit from TMJ therapy in Coconut Grove.

Do I Have a TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorders often cause pain in the jaw joint and in the surrounding muscles; however, it can also produce a wide range of symptoms that are not isolated to the area. It is not uncommon to experience pain, tenderness, and swelling of the joint, but you can also develop pain around the ears.

Many who have the disorder feel clicking or popping when they open or close their mouth. Some even report to feel a grating sensation. It is not uncommon for the jaw to lock in an opened or closed position, making it difficulty to chew or speak.

The symptoms can result from an array of factors, such as past injury or trauma to the joint or face, or airway issues. Sometimes the condition can be exacerbated by genetics, a poorly aligned bite, or an underlying medical issue, like arthritis.

No matter the cause, you can get the relief you need with the help of your dentist, Dr. Bushdid.

How Can I Treat TMJ?

Although you often think about your dentist promoting the health of your teeth and gums, Dr. Bushdid also offers services that are outside the scope of your typical expectations for dental care. When needing treatment for TMJ in Coconut Grove, it is best to see Dr. Bushdid.

He is specially trained to understand the relation between the joint, the neck, muscles and the teeth to create a balance between them. This helps to ensure that the joint functions correctly by improving its mobility.

Often, treatment involves the use of an oral appliance called an orthotic. This is a custom-fit device that is worn during the day and at night to reposition your jaw into a more comfortable position. This takes strain and pressure off the joint to relieve your symptoms while also training your jaw to rest comfortably.

In addition to an orthotic, home exercises are beneficial for reducing tension while also improving the function of the joint. When the two are combined, you can see a significant improvement in your symptoms.

Stop Your Pain Today!

If TMJ pain has compromised your quality of life, get the relief you need with your dentist today.

About Dr. Jose A. Bushdid

Dr. Jose A. Bushdid is a renowned dentist in the community who specializes in a variety of oral health issues, including TMJ disorders. He offers the effective solutions you need to improve the function of the joint. Contact Bushdid Smiles today to schedule your consultation for TMJ therapy.

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