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Stop Gum Recession with Your Dentist in Coral Gables

April 17, 2019

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woman in dental chairWhen you look in the mirror, have you noticed your gingival tissue no longer sits as high on your teeth as it used to? You may suffer from gum recession. Although it might appear like nothing more than a cosmetic concern, it can lead to devastating consequences for your dental health. To prevent further issues and to repair the damage, your dentist in Coral Gables, Dr. Jose A. Bushdid, has the solutions you need.

Causes of Gum Recession

Receding gums develop when your gingival tissue pulls back from your teeth. This causes their root surfaces to be exposed. Now, you may deal with tooth sensitivity, loose teeth, and other complications. To stop the destruction, the underlying cause of the problem must be addressed to intervene with the correct treatment to save your smile.

  • Abnormal Tooth Positioning: Dr. Bushdid strongly believes this is the main cause of gum recession. Misaligned teeth can cause your tissue to be pushed down from your teeth rubbing on one another (interferences). Correcting your alignment issues will help to prevent future recession.
  • Bruxism: Grinding and clenching your teeth can further cause damage to the weakest part of the tooth which is by the gums. Some patients might get gingival recession and others get a notch in the tooth (abfraction lesions). 
  • Trauma: An injury to the soft tissue can affect your gum line on one or more teeth.
  • Periodontal Disease: The infection is the leading cause of gum recession. Treating it early is vital to protecting the supporting structures for your teeth.
  • Aggressing Brushing or Flossing: Brushing or flossing with too much can aggravate the condition, but Dr. Bushdid does not believe this to be the cause.  If it was, why is it that some teeth have recession and not all of them? Unless you have favorite teeth that you brush more than others.  The Journal of Periodontology Online recommends you use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damage. If you still struggle to break the habit, many electronic toothbrushes come with a pressure sensor to alert you when you are pushing too hard.

Treating Gum Recession

The best was to treat gum recession is to address the cause, which is usually a bad bite, which causes undo forces (interferences) on your teeth.  That being said, correcting the bite could range from a full rehabilitation to orthodontics (braces) to a simple tooth adjustment.  If the damage is extensive, you may need a gum grafting procedure to cover the roots of your teeth. Tissue is taken from another location in your mouth or from a donor and transplanted to the treatment area. This raises your gum line to cover your roots and allows the tissue to adhere to your teeth.

Dentist Near Me for Gum Recession

If you have noticed changes to the appearance of your gum tissue, do not wait until it is too late to save your smile. Your dentist, Dr. Bushdid, creates the customized treatment plan you need.

About Dr. Jose A. Bushdid

Dr. Jose A. Bushdid is a trusted dentist in the community for high-quality care. Besides earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine, he furthered his training in a variety of specialty services. Dr. Bushdid creates individualized solutions to nurture healthy, beautiful smiles that last. If you have gum recession, he can restore your gingival tissue. Contact Bushdid Smiles today to schedule your consultation.

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