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Children's Dentist in Coral Gables, FL

As with our family dentistry services, at Bushdid Smiles in Coral Gables we work to provide the most comprehensive menu of children’s dentistry services. Dr. Jose Bushdid and his team want children to benefit from a lifetime of good oral health care. With this in mind, we take extra special care of children, so we can develop a reassuring and reliable relationship. Moreover, we seek to help you help your children by discovering any developmental concerns and addressing them early in order to prevent future problems.

At Bushdid Smiles, we initially care for children's teeth and gums with regular checkups. At these dental checkups-and as with adults, we want to see children at least twice every year for these visits-we clean their teeth and remove any plaque buildup, assess the health of their gums and other soft tissue, examine their teeth carefully for early signs of decay and when needed, we take digital x-rays to find any hidden spots of decay or concerns lying below the gum line. Of course, if we find anything, then Dr. Bushdid will want to treat with expediency, whether that means repairing a cavity with a tooth-colored filling or instructing your children how to better brush and floss their teeth.

Orthodontist and Orthopedics

Dr. Bushdid is a firm believer in early treatment. Therefore, we practice phase I and phase II orthodontics and orthopedics. If your young child has crowded teeth, noticeable gaps, or other malocclusions, then by treating these conditions sooner rather than later we can redirect oral development, making future treatment shorter and less difficult. Phase I care may promote better jaw development, reduce risks of future trauma and TMJ problems, improve speech and breathing and possibly even eliminate the need for braces in the future.

As children mature and their permanent teeth erupt, phase II treatment makes sure that every tooth from root to crown is in the right place. Crooked teeth, gaps, uneven bites, and much more can be corrected with braces and oral appliances. As with phase I, it’s best to start this phase as early as possible in order to better prevent TMJ disorder, tooth extraction, or even oral surgery later.

Dr. Bushdid and his team are dedicated to the health and beauty of your smile and the smile of everyone in your family. If you would like to learn more about children’s dentistry at Bushdid Smiles, then call our office in Coral Gables today to schedule an appointment.