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Our Dental Technology

Here at Bushdid Smiles, our focus is always on giving each patient the smoothest dental care experience possible. We accomplish this not only with the help of several soothing amenities, but also a wide variety of revolutionary technology. These state-of-the-art tools are designed to help us serve you and your smile more skillfully, precisely, and comfortably than ever before. They include:

Digital Photography

As a dental patient, it can be somewhat difficult to understand just what’s going on inside your mouth. Thankfully, Dr. Bushdid is here to help you become a much more educated participant in your treatment. A set of digital dental photographs will allow our team to give you a much more thorough and understandable explanation of any issues your may be facing and just how certain treatment options can directly impact your smile. You’ll be sure to enjoy how easy is it is to get the whole picture when you’re looking at your own mouth in razor-sharp clarity!

Dexis Digital Radiography

The days of darkrooms are forever over here at our Coral Gables dental practice – instead, X-rays are now safer, faster, and more precise than ever with the Dexis Digital Radiography system. This state-of-the-art technology can take in-depth pictures of your smile and then display them instantly on a nearby computer screen, making your diagnosis that much faster and simpler. Additionally, this method significantly benefits both your health (it exposes you to only half the radiation of conventional X-rays) and the environment as well (the need for toxic photo chemicals is completely eliminated).

i-CAT™ – New KaVo Imaging 3D Scanner

The OP 3D is an X-ray platform that provides easy-to-use features throughout the entire imaging workflow. Its versatile panoramic and 3D programs offer imaging excellence for users ranging from general dentists to airway specialists.

K7 Neuromuscular Evaluation System

The K7 Neuromuscular Evaluation System is a computerized tool that uses several different methods to diagnose the condition of your bite. First, electromyography (EMG) measures your muscle activity when you’re both in motion and resting. Similar to a Cardiologist running an EKG to exam your heart muscles. Next, the computerized tracking will take detailed 3-D images of your jaw position in the same two circumstances. Last but not least is Electrosonography (ESG), which enables Dr. Bushdid to clearly hear any noises that may be occurring when the jaw is in motion. All of these factors will help our team determine where and how your bite is misaligned.


The TENS unit is used to relax the muscles located in the patient’s head and neck. It does this by delivering comfortable electric stimulation to these specific areas so that you achieve a relaxed state. This method helps bring more blood flow into the muscles, which not only increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients, but gets rid of waste products that metabolism creates. After a period of 45-60 minutes has passed, your muscles should overcome their original “programming” and enter a deep state of physiologic rest.

With these two revolutionary tools working together, Dr. Bushdid will be able to find a new, ideally comfortable position for your bite. He can then prescribe a variety of treatment options depending on your unique needs. Our patients are beside themselves with how incredible it feels to wake up in the morning and experience none of that familiar, aching pain!

Noise Reduction Wireless Headphones with Overhead TV Monitor

Sometimes, it can be difficult to feel truly comfortable during dental treatment when all you can hear is the unsettling sounds of various tools. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an enjoyable distraction instead? Dr. Bushdid believes very strongly in doing whatever he can to help patients of all ages feel as safe and relaxed as possible as he improves the health and happiness of their smile. That’s why he’s happy to provide wireless noise reduction headphones! You’re welcome to wear them and enjoy your favorite television program on our overhead TV monitor throughout your appointment. You’ll be amazed by how quickly the time flies!

Dental Vibe

Adults and children alike don’t have to fear pain from dreaded dental injections any longer with the help of Dental Vibe. This cordless handheld device has been specifically designed to provide a truly pain-free shot that even massages the gums through vibration, creating a much more soothing experience. You don’t have to take any pills, inhale any gas, or suffer through drowsy side-effects afterwards – instead, the entire process is as simple, quick, and safe as possible.

Kavo Electric Handpieces

If distressingly loud or shaky dental tools have been a source of stress for you or your children during dental visits, then you can finally rest easy. Here in Coral Gables, Dr. Bushdid and his team rely on the revolutionary technology of Kavo Electric Handpieces for all their high-precision instrumental needs. These tools have been engineered through truly state-of-the-art means, and it shows in the way they function. With virtually no noise and very little vibration produced during procedures, patients will be able to feel fully comfortable as we improve their oral health.

Dentrix Paperless Dental Software

Here in Coral Gables, Dr. Bushdid and his team do whatever they can to create an a convenient and comfortable environment for patients. With the help of our Dentrix software, disorganized files and wasteful paper products have become a thing of the past – now, our records, prescriptions, appointment reminders, and much more are all handled in an electronic fashion. We can even complete formerly time-consuming tasks like submitting insurance claims and updating patient forms much faster and with far more accuracy. It's better for the environment, and it's better for our patients!


Wouldn't it be nice to have more instant, convenient contact with a dental office when you need it? Dr. Bushdid and his team are able to accomplish this with Demandforce, our communications system. Once you've become our patient, we can communicate with you through personalized text messages and e-mails, send valuable promotions, provide appointment confirmations, and even collect reviews you've left so that we can alter and improve our approach based on your feedback. Your satisfaction is always key!

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